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Project Enroll helps you build school enrollment

Project Enroll is a project-management based marketing company focused on building Catholic high school and grade school enrollment. Project Enroll accomplishes this through organizational consulting and assessment, strategic partnerships with school leaders, creation of recruitment programs, and internal and external marketing and communication initiatives.

Amy Holsinger is the Principal of Project Enroll. Amy is an alumna of Catholic schools and a parent of three students who attend Catholic schools. She recognizes the value of such an education.

When the elementary school Amy’s children attend built a Marketing & Enrollment team to address the potential of declining enrollment, the team quickly learned that the trend was not a problem specific to their school alone, but one that was sweeping Catholic elementary schools nationwide. The team also learned that the reasons for decline in Catholic school enrollment were complex and multi-faceted.

Because Amy was passionate about the success of Catholic education, she responded to the call to coordinate and run the newly formed Marketing & Enrollment Committee. During a very difficult economic time, Amy worked with the school’s administration to lead a team of volunteers to create internal and external marketing initiatives and events to sustain and build enrollment at each grade level.

Acquisition and Retention Specialist

In 2009/2010, the team's efforts yielded the addition of 15 new students and tuition income of $50,000. 2010/2011 brought 17 new students and tuition income of $60,000. In addition to Amy’s experience with school marketing and enrollment, Amy brings 15 years of Corporate Marketing expertise in the areas of customer acquisition and customer retention. She is also the recipient of two AT&T national awards for Superior Project Management.

Recognizing the need for new leadership and guidance in the area of Catholic school enrollment, Amy founded Project Enroll in 2009.



Mission Statement

To produce sustainable growth in Catholic high school and grade school enrollment by partnering with school administration and volunteers to assess, strategize, team build, and establish marketing events and programs through solid project leadership and management.